Stalking Wild Boar

The approach season commences in March and finishes at the end of September, before the ripening and falling of the forest fruits.

We start the hunt on the mountain areas and then make our way down to the flat plateaus. The hunters leave the accommodations in the afternoon, the exact time of departure depends on which part of the territories will be visited that day and on the season. The hunters hunt through the whole evening and some part of the night. The hunt ends when the hunter wants to go back, or according to the weather conditions.

This summer-season hunting style is easily adapted to the hunters. After a nice rest, the hunters can spend the day with their families or they can buy some excursions around or swim and enjoy the sun by the beautiful pool of Iliada Hotel. We suggest approach hunting because it allows us to multiply the chances of encounters with animals. Each hunter is accompanied by a hunting guide. It is a difficult hunting technique that requires patience, tenacity and humility. Do not miss the first chance you get, for the Sus scrofa Attila will never give you a second chance to hunt it!


A valid passport or ID is required. Our organization will take care of all other formalities and procedures such as obtaining a hunting license provided by Turkish authorities, bringing in arms, etc. You can hunt in Turkey with your rifle ,european rifle pass permits exiting Europe territory and is accepted in Turkey.


You will be accommodated in Iliada Hotel. It is a mountain hotel, has 28 rooms equipped with televisions, telephones, private bathrooms with bathtubs and hair dryers. You will be served meals from the excellent traditional Turkish and Eastern cuisines. The hotel is situated on a land of 18.000 m2. It has an open pool between June and September. If you would like to, you can participate in various activities such as mountain biking, trekking, horseback riding, fishing, mini golf… Iliada Hotel is especially known for its family trips during summer. It is 30 kilometers from the Aegean Sea. We have many famous ancient sites in the region such as Pergamum and Troy, known for the battle and its famous Trojan horse as well as for the fishing villages and great seafood restaurants nearby.
L’hôtel est sıtué dans un parc de 18 000 m². Il possède une  piscine ouverte de juin à septembre. Vous pouvez, si vous le souhaitez, pratiquer de nombreuses activités :  randonnées, promenades à cheval, ball-trap,mini golf…

The strong points

-Nature Tours does not organize any hunts for games other than the Anatolian wild boar, thus -is expertly competent and specialized in wild boar hunts.
-Ability to hunt with your own rifle.
-The adult male boars are natural with great tusks reaching 30 cm.
-Immense forests.
-Perfectly run organization with professional hunting guides.
-Great accommodation.
-Hearty, well prepared meals.
-Good ratio of price and quality.
-It is a great opportunity to combine your family holiday and hunting trip.