The Sus scrofa Attila belongs to the family Suidae. The Sus scrofa Attila  is a sub-species that has 38 chromosomes in contrast to the 36 chromosomed European wild boars. It has, on average, a longer tusk with a 42 cm length compared to the European wild boar average of 38 cm. It is larger on average; a property it owes to its genes. This phenomenon can also be attributed to the fact that 98% of Turkish population is Muslim, thus do not consume pork. This is why the wild boars are not hunted to be eaten, having a chance to grow older and develop beautiful tusks.

Nature Tours holds the Turkish records in three areas:

  • *The record for the heaviest wild boar, with a boar of 355 kilograms hunted in approach style by a Portuguese hunter.*The SCI record for longest tusks with a trophy measuring 30,5 cm, hunted by a French hunter.*The record for the heaviest wild boar hunted by bow and arrow, with a boar of 219 kilograms hunted by a French hunter.The Attila is a suspicious wild animal that needs deception to be hunted, due to its well-development senses. To hunt it, you will need to be calm and patient.