Nature Tours is the oldest hunting organization in Turkey, established in 1985 by Onder ARSLAN. The agency organizes wild boar hunts in its owned territories.

Our territories are located on Mount IDA, in the north-western region of Turkey; an hour away from the Greek island Lesvos by boat, and a 45-minute drive away from the Edremit airport. We have had hunting exclusivity in an area of 500.000 hectares since 1985. Turkey, with its 781.000 km2 land mass, is one and a half times bigger than France. It also has twice as more forest area as France.


Come hunt directly without intermediaries with NATURE TOURS because:

-Nature Tours does not organize any hunts for games other than the Anatolian wild boar, this is expertly competent and specialized in wild boar hunts.
-Immense forests.
-Perfectly run organization with professional hunting guides.
-Hearty, well prepared meals.
-Good ratio of price and quality.
-It is a great opportunity to combine your family holiday and hunting trip.
-Nature Tours is the first organization in Turkey to organize driven hunts for foreign visitors.
-The animals are entirely natural and wild.
-High density of wild boars.
-No taxes for male boars.
-No limit on quantity that you can hunt or the length of tusks (except for females boars over 50 kilograms for driven hunt)
-Ability to hunt with your own rifle.
-The adult male boars are natural with great tusks.
-Beautiful, picturesque landscapes.
-Perfectly run organization since 1985 wıth a perfect experience.
-Experienced and brave trackers.
-We own and train our own hunting dogs.
-Great accommodation in a mountain hotel (
-Chance of encountering animals other than wild boars.
-Hunts of high quality, as well as high quantity.
-Diners served in a hunting trophies decorated special hunting room wıth a good fireplace.